Give your hands to serveand all your hearts to love.

VMF values each and every single one of our community members and supporters. Together, we bring hope to a child, teenager, or single parent, to see possibilities never imagined and that are just within their reach. To empower others to believe in themselves and a brighter future, is a rewarding experience!

Currently the Foundation’s primary source of funds comes from the generosity of uplifting community members and supporters just like you.

Become part of our cause today and let’s change lives together!


Each of our programs and events require different talents and skills that compliment each other. Our aim is for each of our programs to have a solid team of volunteers that can discover their gifts to serve in our cause and at the same time, create meaningful connections and relationships. 

Volunteers- Become part of our family and give back to your community as you grow in compassion towards others, relationships, problem solving, and communication.

Chapter Leader – Leaders and ground shakers is what the world currently needs. Those who join VM’s cause as a volunteer will be able to expand their knowledge and skills to lead others if they feel called to do so.

"As a VMF volunteer I can say that when we go to visit the children and see their faces of joy and happiness, the truth is that it fills me a lot. I feel like you get twice as much as you expect. We go as volunteers but at the same time we go to serve them, bringing them joy and love."
Giselina Taveras
"Volunteering with VMF gives you the opportunity to grow in both aspects spiritually and personally... working with kids hosting events. The reward is so beautiful to provide support to children, seeing their smiles and hearing them saying thank you... it is very fulfilling."
Anita Lomeli
"Being a volunteer at the Virgin Mary Foundation has been very beautiful! Through our community we have been able to raise funds for so many children in need. The most beautiful thing is that we have had the help of musicians! And also with the different parish groups of our community. We all give our heart to help others!"
Kiara García


Every donation counts! 

There is no such thing as a small donation. We appreciate all the love and sacrifice put into giving what you can for the cause. Your help goes a long way because we can do remarkable things working together! 

You can give a one time gift, or help us one step further with a monthly to yearly commitment. 

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”  -Mother Teresa 

Blue Mantel Membership

Feel fulfilled! And let’s heal the world!

We are a community of generous and compassionate individuals who want to make a difference. The mission of the Virgin Mary Foundation is to create a life lasting impact and solve the most urgent needs of foster care children and single parent families.

In giving love we receive peace and fulfillment.

We strongly believe in the value of family and unity!


We believe that with unity and consistency we are able to change many lives.

Those in our community are the driving force of hope for the foster care community. It just takes one yes to be a part of something bigger. We recognize that community members wish to do more and we invite you to become part of VMF. In this way we can all contribute to improve the quality of life of many more children and single parents families together. Your drive and motivation to make a difference from home will become a reality through donations.

You can be a part of our efforts in facilitating access to humanitarian aid.


Sponsors have a crucial role in our cause that we deeply value. Every contribution matters because every contribution can turn into one more life being transformed. We care about forming a strong bond with small businesses as well as with bigger corporations. It’s a two way fulfilling participation and experience! 

With your collaboration, we can:

  • Extend our support to more children and families.
  • Improve and create more services and programs.
  • Offer better experiences that bring awareness of our cause. 
  • Help promote your business to our audience.

Become a Young Advocate

As a Young Advocate for Foster Care, you are forming part of a club of young leaders who are making a difference by spreading the word of the great need foster care children and teenagers are facing. For each heart you inspire to become a sponsor of Baggy, you are giving one child hope to carry on.

Baggy provides awareness of the reality a child faces leaving their home with a trash bag in hand. Let’s restore their dignity and give them a duffle bag with different essentials that are meant to bring comfort and belonging as they go through the difficult transition of entering foster care.

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Every donation goes towards improving the lives of kids & teens in foster care