WHILE WE ARE LIVE, We are hope

In 2018, our President felt a deep desire to do more with his life. After much prayer, he felt a calling from our Mother Mary to help those most vulnerable in need of love: children in foster care. He began to learn more about the needs of these kids and the reality here in Florida and his heart felt for them. Not only did he know that something needed to be done, but a realization came to him: most problems in society come from problems in the family. This led to a yearning in also lending a hand to single parents who struggle with basic necessities to take care of their family. 

From there on, we have grown little by little in supporters of the cause, volunteers, and members working towards the same goal. You too could be part of this dream to improve the experience youth go through in foster care and empower parents to move forward with their family!






VMF offers support children and teenagers in foster care organizations and other similar institutions through special project requests and direct support to single parents and pregnant mothers in challenging situations. We are an opportunity for the community to visualize and choose where to help in a diversity of needs. 

Our mission is to make it easy, fun and creative. With great collaboration and excitement from our volunteers, donors, sponsors and supporters we bring our mission to a reality.


As the foundation began with what we felt was a calling from the Virgin Mary, we named this mission after her. Within the Catholic faith, which is at our core, Mary is regarded as the beloved Mother of Jesus. As a mother she played an important part in nurturing and tending to the human needs of Christ. She is a vessel of love, faithfulness, kindness, purity, humility and overall, devotion. For us the Virgin Mary is the perfect role model for all mothers and a second mother to us all. 

The Virgin Mary Foundation wants to serve others like Mary served God, with a humble and giving heart. We recognize that there is a lack of love in the world, and we want to be a part of the solution by being a reflection of that authentic motherly love. Many children and teenagers do not have parents to care for them or unfortunately, have been taken away from them. Many single parents worry for the future of their kids because they don’t feel they can provide for them.

 Our wish is that VM becomes a home to all; a hope for many seeking a safe dwelling place from hardships, like the arms of a tender mother.

What we believe

Every child deserves to feel looked out for in all areas of their life. Every parent deserves to have the basic needs to feel confident in their role of contributing in the development of their child, family and society. 

We are all children of God and are worthy of receiving love and joy. Together, we can create a huge impact by promoting and helping to provide healthier lifestyles for foster children and single parents who want to rebuild their broken families. 



We are a diverse team of creative, compassionate, and dedicated individuals with the humble disposition of caring for those who need more love and affection. 

Every team member, volunteer, and sponsor who joins VM, becomes part of a family that helps each other in bringing out our God given talents to the service of the most vulnerable. 


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